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October update - a newborn, more happy monkeys and a growing family

A few days ago, Toto, a species called Choshna in Spanish gave birth to a little one. This is great news for us, as it shows that she has found a male to mate with in the wild, it means that she is integrating into the wild and is able to do all her basic needs and natural instincts.

She gave birth in the center, which means that she feels safe and comfortable in here. She is one of the animals that call the center their home, but are free to roam the jungle as they please, then return for food if they didn't find any themselves.

Toto is a rescued pet, a very rare animal, but now is living a happy life in the jungle and the center,another important step in animal integration and rehabilitation, thanks to Orlando Zagazeta's hard work (and everyone else who´s working hard behind the curtains)!

Amongst many other animals, we also had the pleasure to receive and fully integrate two white monkeys - who didn´t stay with us for long and now they are living a free life in the jungle. This is the best result, the animals come to us and are integrated to live their normal, happy life within a short period:

 This is how they arrived.
 First steps towards freedom....
 Something to keep them calm and relaxed, whilst they explore the new environment.
 Feeling more comfortable to roam the area.
Orlando making a conversation on a different level, which we humans can´t understand... :)

We are also very pleased to see the family of "Sajinos" - wild boars, expanding and growing, the young ones are now becoming teenagers. Their mums also used to be pets, then rescued and brought to us, now they have their own families, who have been born naturally in the wild. A 100 % integration :)

 Orlando has to work hard to feed the whole family!

 Here you can see the teenagers of the family, growing freely in the jungle.

 And how they looked as babies.


We are a non-profit organization working to preserve and protect at-risk animal species in the Peruvian Amazon. Our haven is located in Alto Shilcayo & Tamushal (1.5 km on foot  from the city of Tarapoto, San Martín - Peru) within the Regional Preservation Area of Cordillera Escalera. Fathered by Orlando Zagazeta, we are a diverse community including monkeys, wild pigs, snakes, turtles, foxes, alligators, birds, bats and others. Click here to meet the current family!

CERELIAS Association was founded in 2006 however Orlando has dedicated himself to animal care for the last 11 years. Many have been trafficked for illegal sale in local markets, neglected by their owners after reaching maturity and/or falling ill, displaced by deforestation, or orphaned by hunters. Orlando currently manages the center from his home, but we are soon moving to Munichis Eco Park, a 20 minute walk from the town of Munichis. There we will have 44 hectares of land dedicated to preserve endangered flora and fauna, with the hopes of further growth. We hope CERELIAS will serve as a model for similar projects in the Amazon region and other natural habitats within Peru.



* Provide a recuperative environment for animals harmed by illegal hunting and/or animal trafficking practices.
* Shelter displaced animals whose habitats have been destroyed by deforestation as well as petroleum, gas, bio-diesel, and ethanol drilling.
* Rehabilitate rescued fauna by providing proper alimentation in a protected environment.
* Reintroduce healed animals to their natural habitats, as well as encourage procreation and repopulation so as to maintain a balanced ecosystem.
* Build community awareness about the destructive effects of deforestation, illegal hunting, and sales of endangered Amazonian species through education.


* Network with likeminded institutions- working both publicly and privately, nationally or internationally- to provide mutual support between zoologists, zoo technicians, biologists, rescue and biodiversity centers, the Natural Reserve of Pacaya-Samiria, and INRENA (National Institute of Natural Resources), among others.
* Raise funds for animal care, building maintenance, and environmental education projects to include courses, workshops, and internships for students and the greater public.
* House students, interns, volunteers, and visiting participants who wish to study, learn, and support CERELIAS.


Orlando seeks to introduce these actors back to the stage of life, granting freedom to those animals imprisoned, trafficked, and marginalized, so that they may once again sing their jungle songs over the industrial noise of our own crazy lives.
Adrian Gehsein

Orlando and the people of Munichis lead the way in environmental conservation and the preservation of its biodiversity for the benefit of humanity and the future of generations to come.
Heinz Plenge, Photographer

Yurimaguas surprises us every day but Orlando’s home and work has been one of the best. Its wonderful how Cerelia continues its work with such force; its worth it!
Manolo del Catillo – “Reportaje al Perú,” Channel 7

It’s impressive, incredible, and encouraging to meet people like Orlando Zagazeta who have dedicated themselves solely to the protection of fauna in Munichis. It’s admirable and needs support.
Edmundo Cruz – Newspaper “La República”

We salute Orlando Zagazeta and his spirited fight for the conservation of natural life in Munichis. May conservation of the Amazon continue!
Adilia Tapullima – "Frente de Defensa y Desarrollo de Alto Amazonas"

It’s great to see this work being done for the wild life of Peru. I hope Orlando can continue and expand his work in the future. IT IS NEEDED! Thank you Orlando.
Thane Cooper

Je suis du Québec, cette endroit pour moi est incroyable. Tout est trés simple mais tous les animaux sont mieux traités que dans un zoo. On peut s’aprocher, jouer avec eux, c’est fantastique.
Nathan Deslandes
Luckily we found Orlando, who cares for Amazonian animals. We hope you can continue his excellent work in the future.
Dra. Inge Schjellerup – National Museum of Denmark

To create a sustainable tourist activity, without exception, we need Cerelias y Orlando.
Odar Ocmín – "Amazon Tours"


In great appreciation of the following people and institutions, whose help has allowed us to continue our mission:
Emilia Bugalska, Nathan Deslandes, Deil Salazar, Hugo Arévalo, Manuel and Eloísa Infante, Roberto Sindaco, Heinz Plenge, Gonzalo Hidalgo, Raimundo Hanson, Olga, Luciana and José Luis Zagazeta, Cesar Vega, Bruno Castro, Gerardo and Janet Aliaga, Miguel Fernández Abanto “Universidad Nacional de la Amazonia Peruana,” Guillermo Reaños "Revista Viajeros,” Aminta Henrich "Artistas de la Tierra,” Mario de Col "Green Life,” Manolo del Castillo "Reportaje al Perú " TNP, Octavio Hidalgo Chumbe "O&Gi,” Cesar Viena “Yurimaguas Noticias”, Jorge Luis Aragüeño Diario “Ahora,” Eliezer Barrera – Maderera “Milagros”, Cecilia Salazar – Photo studio “Salazar”, Walter Hidalgo of the TV program “Protagonistas”, Prof. Linares - Colegio Variante "Agropecuario" Munichis, Odar Ocmín "Amazon Tours,” and to Comercial Papilón UNAP.

A very special thanks to the veterinarian Elvira Mira, who organized a free, wide-scale vaccination campaign for dogs in Yurimaguas and surrounding areas.


In order to continue with our mission, we need your support. Donations of any type are welcomed, whether monetary, food, or supplies- but especially your time. Please get in touch about our current projects!

DONATE: Money is needed for a medical kit for animals arriving in critical condition (parasites, diarrhea, dehydration, flu, bullet wounds, etc), buy fruit and vegetable seedlings to plant in Eco park, installations for monitoring and registering the animals lives (laptop and video camera), and a salary for a permanent assistant.

VOLUNTEER: We need volunteers to assist with animal care, maintenance of the center, fund raising, as well as documentation and promotion of our activities.

GODPARENTING: Adopt an animal! In return for your monthly support, we’ll send you photographs, updates, and stories about your godchild as they continue to mature. Get to know our animals by visiting the photo album, and become part of our family.
Check out this TV reportage about Cerelias made by a local channel: