Orlando seeks to introduce these actors back to the stage of life, granting freedom to those animals imprisoned, trafficked, and marginalized, so that they may once again sing their jungle songs over the industrial noise of our own crazy lives.
Adrian Gehsein

Orlando and the people of Munichis lead the way in environmental conservation and the preservation of its biodiversity for the benefit of humanity and the future of generations to come.
Heinz Plenge, Photographer

Yurimaguas surprises us every day but Orlando’s home and work has been one of the best. Its wonderful how Cerelia continues its work with such force; its worth it!
Manolo del Catillo – “Reportaje al Perú,” Channel 7

It’s impressive, incredible, and encouraging to meet people like Orlando Zagazeta who have dedicated themselves solely to the protection of fauna in Munichis. It’s admirable and needs support.
Edmundo Cruz – Newspaper “La República”

We salute Orlando Zagazeta and his spirited fight for the conservation of natural life in Munichis. May conservation of the Amazon continue!
Adilia Tapullima – "Frente de Defensa y Desarrollo de Alto Amazonas"

It’s great to see this work being done for the wild life of Peru. I hope Orlando can continue and expand his work in the future. IT IS NEEDED! Thank you Orlando.
Thane Cooper

Je suis du Québec, cette endroit pour moi est incroyable. Tout est trés simple mais tous les animaux sont mieux traités que dans un zoo. On peut s’aprocher, jouer avec eux, c’est fantastique.
Nathan Deslandes
Luckily we found Orlando, who cares for Amazonian animals. We hope you can continue his excellent work in the future.
Dra. Inge Schjellerup – National Museum of Denmark

To create a sustainable tourist activity, without exception, we need Cerelias y Orlando.
Odar Ocmín – "Amazon Tours"