October update - a newborn, more happy monkeys and a growing family

A few days ago, Toto, a species called Choshna in Spanish gave birth to a little one. This is great news for us, as it shows that she has found a male to mate with in the wild, it means that she is integrating into the wild and is able to do all her basic needs and natural instincts.

She gave birth in the center, which means that she feels safe and comfortable in here. She is one of the animals that call the center their home, but are free to roam the jungle as they please, then return for food if they didn't find any themselves.

Toto is a rescued pet, a very rare animal, but now is living a happy life in the jungle and the center,another important step in animal integration and rehabilitation, thanks to Orlando Zagazeta's hard work (and everyone else who´s working hard behind the curtains)!

Amongst many other animals, we also had the pleasure to receive and fully integrate two white monkeys - who didn´t stay with us for long and now they are living a free life in the jungle. This is the best result, the animals come to us and are integrated to live their normal, happy life within a short period:

 This is how they arrived.
 First steps towards freedom....
 Something to keep them calm and relaxed, whilst they explore the new environment.
 Feeling more comfortable to roam the area.
Orlando making a conversation on a different level, which we humans can´t understand... :)

We are also very pleased to see the family of "Sajinos" - wild boars, expanding and growing, the young ones are now becoming teenagers. Their mums also used to be pets, then rescued and brought to us, now they have their own families, who have been born naturally in the wild. A 100 % integration :)

 Orlando has to work hard to feed the whole family!

 Here you can see the teenagers of the family, growing freely in the jungle.

 And how they looked as babies.